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Enhance Your Community with Fiber Optic Internet

Arvig Multiwav provides service for both new and existing apartments, condominiums and townhome communities. Schedule a meeting to learn more and receive a Starbucks® gift card!

Get Connected

Property Benefits

Increase property value with a private fiber network for current or future property upgrades. Plus, business class internet included for on-site offices.

Retail or Bulk Offerings

With competitive bulk rate opportunities, a variety of speeds and no exclusivity needed, you are able to meet your building and residents' needs.

One-Company Solution

Professional installation is performed by Arvig, including engineering and construction, all with minimal impacts to community live. Receive support from the start with your local provider.

Take Control

Take Control with Arvig’s Multiwav Internet

Arvig Multiwav connects apartment buildings, townhomes and multi-dwelling units to the best in broadband. Backed by top-tier functionality and speed, our customers get unmatched perks and local service. Customer satisfaction, simplicity and performance are our top priorities. We are changing the industry by removing pain points such as contracts, taxes and fees, inconsistent billing, credit checks, equipment rental fees and data caps.

“I’ve been so impressed with the fiber optic internet from Arvig Multiwav. Speed checks have always had me 100-104 Mbps every time, and their customer service is fantastic! They are quick to respond, super friendly, and really helpful. Having the fiber optic internet was probably one of the best investments our establishment could of made to make everyone’s life just that much easier. Very, very happy with this service!”

– Bulk Property Manager

Serving the Twin Cities, St. Cloud & Rochester

Let’s bring fiber optic internet to your community! With more than 100 5-star reviews, see why 300+ buildings trust Arvig’s Multiwav internet.

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