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Properties we serve.

With our rapid growth, we are ready to provide fiber optic internet to apartments, condominiums and townhome communities.


Serving the Twin Cities, St. Cloud and Rochester

Is your building Arvig MultiWav ready?

Bring fiber optic internet to your community.

+ Automated service, no need for truck rolls or technicians
+ Prepaid, no contracts, no credit checks, no taxes and fees
+ Fast symmetrical fiber speeds with no data caps for throttling
+ No peak time slowdowns

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Bring Fiber to You

We want to serve your community.

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Arvig has successfully installed fiber optic wiring at over 20 properties. The implementation of fiber optic technology has significantly enhanced the connectivity and internet speeds at these properties, greatly benefiting our residents. One of the standout qualities of Arvig is their commitment to excellence in customer service. The Arvig team consistently demonstrates a high level of professionalism and responsiveness. I wholeheartedly recommend Arvig as a high-speed internet provider for any project requiring top-tier connectivity solutions.

Matt Hozza, Kleinman Realty Co.

Arvig MultiWav has installed fiber optic cable in several of the Highland Management Group, Inc. apartment buildings throughout the Twin Cities. Their communications with the staff and residents before and during the process is outstanding. The installers are friendly and accommodating to the residents during the installation process. I cannot say enough about our overall satisfaction in working with Arvig MultiWav.

Mary SchwenkeFormer President of Highland Management Group, Inc.

I've been so impressed with the fiber optic internet from Arvig Multiwav. Speed checks have always had me 100-104 Mbps every time, and their customer service is fantastic! They are quick to respond, super friendly, and really helpful. Having the fiber optic internet was probably one of the best investments our establishment could of made to make everyone's life just that much easier. Very, very happy with this service!

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